Americano vs Cappuccino

Coffee is a beloved beverage worldwide; two varieties are Americanos and Cappuccinos. Though both of these drinks are enjoyed for their unique qualities, some key differences make them stand out. So, what makes Americanos and Cappuccinos special, and what sets them apart?

Americano vs Cappuccino General Overview

Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of both types of coffee with this Americano vs Cappuccino overview can help you have the right cup of coffee for your day and coffee-drinking needs.

An Americano coffee in a white mug placed on a white saucer


An Americano is an espresso-based crossover between an espresso and a drip coffee. The name ‘Americano’ comes from the fact that the drink was developed in Europe and transferred to America.

It is made by using equal parts of espresso and hot water. If you’re making a coffee drink using one espresso shot (1 oz), you’ll need 2 oz of water to complete the recipe.

You can describe its rich sweet taste as caramel-like, with some hints of chocolate and nuts. Americano coffee offers an alluring aroma with its warm and inviting tones of earthiness, spiciness, and subtle nuttiness. It’s a delicious and unique coffee choice you will always remember.


This Italian-born delight is truly a staple of the coffee world, a perfect balance of espresso, steamed milk, and foam. The Italian word cappuccino means “little hood.” The original cappuccino was first prepared by placing the espresso on top of the warm milk foam, which would then create a “hood”-like effect.

To make a cup of cappuccino, you will combine the espresso with steamed milk to form the drink’s base. You will then top the milk with a layer of foam made from frothed milk. You can afterward sprinkle some cocoa, nutmeg, or cinnamon to create your classic cappuccino.

When you are done brewing, serve your coffee in a tall mug and accompany it with a biscotti or pastry. Feel free to add a sugar cube or flavored syrup to sweeten it.

Americano vs Cappuccino

Do you prefer a bold, robust coffee taste or a light, frothy cappuccino? My comparison will examine each drink’s flavor, content, and preparation.

Take a moment to think about both drink’s sweetness levels and other characteristics. Once you’ve thought through the differences, you can decide which beverage you prefer.


An Americano and Cappuccino are two popular coffee drinks around the world. Apart from having a rich history and being deeply embedded in many countries’ cultures, they share many other similarities.

Common Base

These two coffees use espresso as their base. They both start with an espresso shot, though an Americano uses hot water to dilute it, while a Cappuccino uses steamed milk.

Serving Temperature

Both drinks are often served hot or cold. This makes them both popular choices for iced coffee drinks when served cold or for a warm pick-me-up when served hot.


People worldwide enjoy both drinks for their unique flavor profiles. Coffee shops often used them as a base for other coffee drinks. This can include lattes, mochas, and macchiatos.


The two coffee drinks might share many similarities yet have distinct characteristics that set them apart. Before deciding what drink to order, take your time to gather the necessary information.

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The Ingredients Used

The primary difference between an Americano and a Cappuccino lies in the amount of espresso, milk, and foam used in each drink. An Americano will contain a single or double espresso shot and hot water in an equal ratio.

A Cappuccino uses a single or double espresso shot, steamed milk, and topped with a layer of foam.


The other major difference between them is the taste. An Americano has a stronger, more intense coffee flavor. Alternatively, a Cappuccino is smoother and more delicate in sweetness. Also, an Americano has a more pronounced espresso taste. The Cappuccino will have a more creamy, milky flavor.

Use of Sweeteners

Another difference is that the use of sugar is optional in an Americano. A Cappuccino is always served with sugar unless you specify otherwise.

Serving Size

An Americano is served in a larger cup than a Cappuccino. This implies you can get more caffeine for your money.

Foam Factor

Another distinguishing factor between an Americano and a Cappuccino is the foam. A Cappuccino has a luxurious layer of foam that gives it a unique texture. An Americano has no foam.

When to Drink an Americano

Have you ever wondered when an Americano makes sense? Knowing how to use your Americano will help you maximize its benefits

Time Factor

If you are in a hurry or don’t have cream readily available, you will likely opt for an Americano instead of a Cappuccino. Making an Americano from scratch takes far less time than making a cappuccino due to fewer ingredients.

Caffeine Content

You may also use an Americano instead of a traditional cappuccino when you need more caffeine. This is because an Americano contains more caffeine and has a bolder flavor than a drip coffee. It’s also a great option if you don’t like the added sugars, milk, or cream in a regular Cappuccino.

Pocket Friendly

Finally, an Americano is easier on your wallet than a Cappuccino. This is because it uses fewer ingredients, such as steamed milk and foam, than a Cappuccino. Additionally, since the Americano does not require additional ingredients, it also requires less time to make and may be faster to order an Americano and receive.

When to Drink a Cappuccino

A cappuccino is mainly used instead of an Americano when you prefer something more flavorful and creamy in your coffee. Whether you are sprinkling some cocoa or cinnamon into your coffee, these toppings make your coffee experience even more enjoyable.

If your stomach is delicate, why not try a cappuccino instead of an Americano? This is because cappuccinos tend to have more cream. Hence they have less acidity.

A cup of cappuccino coffee in a white mug placed on a brown wooden table

Which Coffee Is Better?

The Americano and Cappuccino have been beloved by coffee lovers for many years. Their delicious taste continues to be enjoyed by people around the world. The Americano combines espresso and hot water evenly, while a Cappuccino combines espresso with steamed milk and frothy foam in equal volumes.

These two also offer different flavor profiles. So, which coffee can claim to be superior to the other?

Coffee lovers worldwide have differing opinions on which coffee is better. Some people want their coffee black, while others prefer it with milk and foam. If you like a stronger drink, go with an Americano every time.

Related Questions

Which Coffee Has a More Pronounced Sugary Flavor?

A cappuccino has a more pronounced sugary flavor than your average Americano coffee drink. That’s because the steamed and frothed milk in a cappuccino adds a creamy and sweet element to the drink. Meanwhile, an Americano is made with strong espresso and hot water, resulting in a less sweet flavor.

What Is the Caffeine Content of an Americano vs a Cappuccino?

An Americano has about 130 milligrams of caffeine for each 8-ounce serving. A tall cappuccino contains 75 milligrams per 6-ounce serving. These figures represent the average amount of each beverage type at a given location when made with regular espresso shots (1 ounce).

Is an Americano or a Cappuccino Better for a Latte Art Design?

Cappuccinos, with their foam and steamed milk layer, provide more texture and stability, making them generally better for latte art designs than Americanos. The foam in a cappuccino allows for more intricate designs and gives the barista more control over the final result. However, you can create wonderful latte art designs with proper skill with your Americano.

Final Verdict

An Americano and Cappuccino are two popular coffee beverages with different flavors and preparation methods. Individual preferences may dictate which one is better. An Americano is stronger and has fewer sugar and calories than a Cappuccino. A Cappuccino is creamier and easier to drink for sensitive stomachs.