How Many Times Can You Use the Same Coffee Grounds?

I know that coffee grounds are the best way to start a fresh pot of coffee. Have you ever thought about how many times you can use the same coffee grounds? If so, I’m here to tell you that it’s time to rethink your coffee-making habits.

How Many Times Can You Use the Same Coffee Grounds?

The short answer is that you shouldn’t reuse coffee grounds more than once. The extraction process is what makes it impossible to brew grounds twice. If you’re considering grinding for a second time, keep these things in mind:

  • As hot water comes into contact with ground coffee, the grounds will “bloom,” which is when they blow up to twice the size they were when brewed.
  • Carbon dioxide is also released by the coffee, which is visible in the form of bubbles.
  • Once the chemicals from the grounds have been removed, they are no longer present.
  • Immediately reusing your grounds causes your coffee to be over-extracted or burnt. As a result, the brew tends to be bitter and astringent.
Various coffee jars with coffee grounds

Does It Matter How You Brew Your Coffee?

Many factors affect the brew of your coffee. Here are some of the most important:

Grind Size

How fine or coarse your beans are ground will also affect the final flavor of your coffee. Coarsely ground beans will yield stronger flavors than finely ground ones. However, they may also yield inconsistent results when brewing multiple cups at once (in which case you may want to use a finer grind).

You can use an electric bean grinder or an old-fashioned manual grinder with a hand crank. Manual grinders are less expensive than electric ones and work just as well, if not better, because they allow you to control how fine or coarse you want your beans to be.


The extraction rate is one of the most important factors in brewing. A high extraction rate will result in bitter coffee, while a low extraction rate will produce weak, acidic, and pale coffee.

You measure this by using an instrument called a “coffee tester.” This device measures the temperature of the water and then takes readings on how much pressure is needed to pressurize the water and push it through your filter.

Water Temperature

The ideal water temperature for brewing coffee is between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. This is close to the boiling point, and coffee components dissolve more readily in water at this temperature, resulting in faster extraction.

If you use cold water, it will take longer to get your coffee hot enough and will change the taste or smell of the final product.

What Else Can You Do With Old Coffee Grounds?

How do you usually get rid of old coffee grounds? Does the garbage disposal hold the key to their future, or are they thrown out the window? As it turns out, the pleasure of coffee doesn’t end when you finish drinking it.

Those used coffee grounds just don’t stop giving; you can do several things with your spent coffee grounds in your home. Here are just a few of them:


Coffee grounds can be used in the garden as a fertilizer. It is also another way of adding nitrogen to the soil.

To use them as fertilizer, add one cup of grounds to a gallon of water and slowly pour it into your plants so that it doesn’t get on the leaves or stems. You can also use it as mulch around plants when they need more moisture or fertilizer.

A person holds a small brown wooden box with a coffee ground in it

Exfoliating Face Scrub

Did you know that you can exfoliate your face? You can mix up a few tablespoons of old grounds with water, apply it to your face and scrub away. It’ll feel good on your skin and help clean out any dead skin cells that may have been building up in your pores. 

Plus, the caffeine content in the grounds is a natural antiseptic, so it will help keep your face clear of bacteria!

Furniture Polish

For years, people have used coffee grounds as furniture polish. The grounds are mixed with olive oil and then applied to the wood. This can be used as a cleaner or a polish that will help keep the wood looking great. 

It is important to apply it well so that it can penetrate deep into the wood and work its way down to the underlying layer of finish. The results will be worth it if you want your furniture to looking as good as new again!

Related Questions

Is It Possible to Reuse a Coffee Filter Multiple Times?

Yes, it is possible to reuse a coffee filter multiple times, up to four times, before being discarded. It must be thoroughly washed and dried before you use it again. The best way to do this is by placing it in a mesh strainer and running cold water over it.

Can You Grind Coffee Twice?

Yes, you may grind ready coffee to the appropriate ground size. To prevent over-grinding, resulting in undesired super-fine grounds, consider the type of grinder you are using when regrinding coarsely ground coffee.

Can You Use Coffee Grounds Twice for Cold Brew?

Yes, you can use coffee grounds twice for cold brew. The first time you make your cold brew, use the grounds used in the first cold brew for the second batch.


The verdict is that you should avoid re-brewing your coffee. However, there are plenty of other ways you can use coffee grounds that don’t involve making a beverage. Use them as stain removers, compost them, or even as a face and body scrub.