Mueller Austria Hyper Grind

Mueller Austria HyperGrind Precision HD Motor Electric Grinder Review [2022]

A sleek and attractive option those anyone looking to add a blade grinder to their kitchen repertoire.

Blade grinders are not always the most exciting purchase in the array of available kitchen items. At least, that was the case until I tried out the Mueller Austria Hyper Grind Precision HD Motor Electric Grinder.

With its thoughtful design and modern aesthetic, the Mueller Austria Hyper Grind isn’t just a functional item, it’s an item that you’ll feel good about having on display with the rest of your coffee set up. If you are in the market for an attractive and functional blade grinder, the Mueller Austria Hyper Grind may very well be the one for you.

We’ve done the research and I am confident in my findings. Read on to discover the ups and downs that come with blade grinders and what I like about the Mueller Austria Hyper Grind and what doesn’t deliver.

Before you buy, you should know that there are two types of coffee grinders, each of which use different methods for grinding: blade and burr. This particular grinder, the Mueller Austria Hyper Grind Precision HD Motor Electric Grinder, utilizes blades.

The main distinction between these two types is the grinding action itself. Burrs are made adjustable by moving the burrs closer together and further apart; this adjusts the grind size from finer to coarser. In contrast, blade grinders are not adjustable. Blade grinders don’t actually grind, they chop.

This means that blade grinders achieve different grind sizes over different durations; the longer your blade grinder is working, the finer your coffee gets. Meanwhile, the shorter the duration, the coarser your coffee will be.

So, for blade grinders in general, grinding coffee is a semi-automatic process, requiring you to supervise the grinder process so that you can stop and start your grinder as needed.

Burr grinders are a set it and forget process – so you simply select your desired grind setting and turn on the grinder while you go about the rest of your morning.

The Short and Sweet

The Mueller Austria Hyper Grind Precision HD Motor Electric Grinder is a strikingly good-looking appliance which is not a feature you often find when it comes to blade grinders! I love the look and the functionality of the Mueller Austria Hyper Grind.

The Full Review

As a blade grinder, the Mueller Austria Hyper Grind does have the drawback of not being terribly precise when it comes to the grind size. A blade grinder such as the Mueller Austria Hyper Grind is best suited for grinding for cold brew, French press, or a moka pot. These three methods are the easiest to grind for precision with blade grinders in general.

With that said, the Mueller Austria Hyper Grind does boast a high-power motor that offers a bit more precision than most blade grinders – heck, it’s even in the name. However, all of these promises are not always delivered.

Product Highlights

  • More precise than other blade grinders
  • High powered motor
  • Great aesthetic and design

Build Quality and Design – 2.5/5

The housing of the grinder itself is well designed and attractive. Aesthetics were definitely a priority when Mueller Austria was designing the Mueller Austria Hyper Grind. Additionally, the Mueller Austria Hyper Grind does offer a high-power motor and efficient blades that are capable of more precise grinding than most blade grinders.

Unfortunately, not all of that is delivered on arrival or, in most cases, after a few weeks. The build and design are definitely good-looking and work well when they do work, however, quite a few customers seem to have issues with quality on arrival.

With that said, accidents happen and quality control is sometimes lacking when products are being shipped out internationally and by large retailers rather than family-owned businesses. If ordered through, the replacement process is painless and easily solved.

Nevertheless, the major issue with quality is the lake of durability seen by some customers when it comes to the Mueller Austria Hyper Grind. A handful of customers complain of this particular grinder working well initially only to fail after a few weeks. This is definitely concerning for anyone looking to make a grinder purchase once, not once a month.

Noise Level – 4/5

Folks love the Mueller Austria Hyper Grind for its quiet grinding! While every grinder is accompanied by noise, this grinder won’t be waking the neighbors. However, blade grinders tend to be noisier than most burr grinders.

User Experience – 3/5

With issues of quality control in mind, some customers are dissatisfied with the lack of reliability. However, when the Mueller Austria Hyper Grind runs well, it is a true crowd-pleaser.

The single button and clear lid allow the user to easily monitor the progress of their beans in the grinder. Additionally, this grinder can be used, like other blade grinders, to grind spices, nuts, and more.

Should I Buy Mueller Austria Hyper Grind?

If you are able to purchase through Amazon to secure an easy option for returns, if necessary, then this could be a good fit for you. The issue of quality control is certainly a big enough deterrent for many interested buyers. However, sometimes the lure of a good-looking, aesthetically though-out kitchen appliance is enough to push buyers to take the risk.

On the other hand, there are a great many other blade grinders that will suit your needs for similar price points without the risk of quality control issues. I definitely recommend that you shop around and see what other grinders might suit your needs. Be sure to check out my other blade grinder reviews for the low down on the competitors and what they offer!

Great for folks looking for a stylish and attractive addition to their countertop coffee set up.

Not so great for daily users that require reliability in their grinder.

I rate the Mueller Austria Hyper Grind a 3/5.

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