Sowtech Espresso Machine

Sowtech Espresso Machine Review [2022]

An affordable alternative to the classic home espresso machine… but is it worth its affordable price tag?

The Sowtech Espresso Machine is enticing with its extremely low price tag and easy to use design, however, there is a lot more to the Sowtech Espresso Machine… or rather, a lot less.

Warning! The Sowtech Espresso Machine has been found to be a dangerous piece of home equipment that runs the risk of injury due to malfunctioning components. We do not recommend purchasing the Sowtech Espresso Machine in any situation.

The Short and Not So Sweet

The Sowtech Espresso Machine is an affordable, compact home espresso machine with one big hitch: it does not make espresso. Think of this as a slightly more advanced (though not necessarily better) moka pot. Even at its low price point, the Sowtech does not deliver. It does, however, put you in danger.

Unfortunately, the Sowtech Espresso Machine’s customers report various issues with this home espresso machine. Specifically, the Sowtech Espresso Machine’s steam wand feature has been known to overheat when not in use leading to the possibilities of not only burns but also fires.

Because of the possibility of injury and further danger to users, I cannot recommend this home espresso machine to anyone and rate the Sowtech Espresso Machine a 0 out of 5.