What Size Moka Pot Should You Get?

There’s no denying that a fresh cup of coffee is one of the best ways to start the day. If you’re looking for a new way to make your morning coffee, consider investing in a Moka pot. With several sizing options available, you might wonder, what size Moka pot should you get? 

What Size Moka Pot Should You Get?

To determine the size of a Moka pot to get, it’s recommended that you purchase one that is one size larger than the typical serving size of coffee you have. If the Moka pot is only for one person, the 3 cup Moka pot is a great size to get.

A small Bialetti Moka pot makes about 2 fluid ounces of coffee, while a large pot can make 25 fluid ounces. Whichever size you choose, never overfill the pot, as this can lead to dangerous pressure build-up and potentially scalding water spewing out of the top.

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Moka Pot Sizes

The perfect size will depend on your coffee drinking habits. A larger capacity provides for when you need more coffee. At the same time, a smaller one is better if only 1-2 cups per day are being consumed because it allows greater flexibility in terms of options and storage space.

1 Cup Moka

One cup Moka is equal to 2 fluid ounces befitting those who want to make a quick cup of coffee without any fuss. It’s small and compact, heats fast, and doesn’t take up much space on your stovetop or countertop.

Additionally, it’s relatively inexpensive. The main downside is, it doesn’t have room to increase the cups in case of visitors.

3 Cup Moka

A three cup Moka is similar to 6.5 fluid ounces and a suitable option for drinking one to two cups of coffee per day. It’s still relatively small and compact, thus rather quicker to brew. The 3 cup is insufficient for two people who enjoy going back for a second cup.

6 Cup Moka 

A six cup Moka is about 10 fluid ounces and is ideal for those who drink three or more cups per day. It’s bigger than the one and three cups, so it requires more ground and more space. The size makes it harder to store.

9 Cup Moka

A nine cup Moka is equivalent to 18.5 fluid ounces. It is among the largest and is perfect for those who drink six or more cups per day. It’s very large, thus takes a bit longer to heat, and is slightly heavier to use than the smaller options.

If you live with several coffee drinkers and want to ensure everyone gets a standard cup, the 9-cup could be an excellent option.

12 Cup Moka

12 cup Moka is the largest available size on the market and is equivalent to 25 fluid ounces. It is best suited for those who brew several servings or have a large household. You can enjoy a delicious coffee, and you’ll get about 12 servings when brewing this to capacity.

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How Much Coffee Does One Person Need?

According to the United States federal dietary guidelines, a person can drink anywhere between three and five 8oz cups per day. This is roughly 400mg which is the healthy limit for adults.

The ideal size will depend on how many people are drinking coffee from it at once, as well your daily cup sizes. A larger capacity means that you will never run out or want more coffee during any given time.

How Much Coffee Does a Moka Pot Make?

The amount of coffee a Moka pot makes is highly variable, as many factors come into play. For example, the coffee itself plays a crucial role. Some beans will naturally produce more coffee per batch than others.

Therefore, you may need to experiment with different varieties until you find one that creates the right brew level for your needs. Additionally, the power of your heating element or stovetop burners will affect how quickly the water will be boiling and circulating through the ground beans.

Related Questions

Is Moka Pot Coffee Stronger?

Moka pot coffee is not as strong or intense tasting as espresso, yet it still packs more caffeine. Its rich flavour falls behind methods like French press and drip in terms of strong tasting; however, you will get higher caffeine levels with this pot since it doesn’t take long to brew.

Is the 1 Cup Moka Enough?

Yes, a 2 oz (1 cup) Moka will be enough for a single person. Most individuals can get by with a double espresso or a large mug of pour-over coffee for most of the day.

Can You Half Fill a Moka Pot?

You can’t half fill a Moka pot since they only function correctly when adequately filled. Use a fine to medium-fine grind size that is constant.


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When it comes to what size of Moka pot to get, if you have a small kitchen and make coffee for one or two, avoid going above the 6 cup. For large households, go big with 12 cups. Measure your stovetop first so as not to end up with oversized pots.