7 Best Coffee Dispensers [2024 Review]

If you’re like hundreds of millions of other people on Earth, you are a coffee drinker. While there may not be millions of types of coffee out there, there is certainly enough variety to offer something to everyone.

Some people prefer a hot mug of coffee as soon as they wake up while others like to spread their caffeine beverages throughout their day. Then, there is the number of people that the coffee is brewed for. Some brew for just themselves while others need to brew pots for ten or more thirsty individuals. Whatever your scenario is, you will want a coffee dispenser to serve and keep your coffee fresh every day.

If you want to experience the best coffee, a good quality coffee dispenser is essential. The problem is, it can be hard to choose one from the hundreds of lesser quality items on the market. You must be careful and try to find the perfect match for your needs.

This is where we step in! We have researched hundreds of coffee dispensers and come up with the top 7 on the market. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to find the right coffee dispenser for you today.

7 Best Coffee Dispensers

SplashProof Coffee Carafe Airpot Dispenser

SplashProof Coffee Carafe Airpot Dispenser - with...

To start off, we have this sleek and highly practical design from Pykal. Sturdy and rust-free, this coffee dispenser is constructed from stainless steel on its exterior and interior. 

This SplashProof Coffee Carafe dispenser boasts high-class german Air pot technology. This ensures that any hot liquid inside the appliance remains heated for up to twenty-four hours. On the flip side, any cold beverage will also retain its temperature for up to forty-eight hours. 

This dispenser allows you to store up to 3.5 liters of coffee, or other liquids, inside at any one time yielding up t0 20 cups of tasty beverages. A lock switch is located on the top plunger to stop any coffee from accidentally getting pressed through.


  • Easy to clean – Comes with a long handle brush for easy cleaning after each use
  • Safe to use – Its nozzle extends down to reach the cup at any level protecting you from spilling any coffee on yourself


  • Not dishwasher friendly – If submerged underwater, the inner and outer cylinders could affect the heating and cooling elements 

HomeCraft CU30SS Quick-Brewing 1000-Watt Automatic Coffee Urn

HomeCraft CU30SS Quick-Brewing 1000-Watt Automatic...

The HomeCraft CU30SS Quick-Brewing 1000-Watt Coffee Urn is easily one of the best multi-purpose coffee dispensers on the market. Made from stainless steel, this dispenser can hold all manner of beverages including tea, hot chocolate, hot cider, and hot water to name just a few.

The perfect gift for someone you care about, this HomeCraft dispenser is not just to store coffee in once it has been brewed. You can brew your coffee inside its urn meaning you will get the freshest cup every single time.

Its keep warm function can hold up to thirty cups at any one time and, if you need to move it around, its cool-to-touch handles offer a superb and safe grip. 


  • Comes with a reusable coffee filter – No need to spend money on paper filters of any kind and it is easy to remove and wash
  • Heat-resistant base – Prevents any kind of heat damage to your kitchen countertop


  • Quite a heavy and bulky dispenser – Need quite a lot of space set aside to store and use it
HomeCraft CU30SS Quick-Brewing 1000-Watt Automatic...
HomeCraft CU30SS Quick-Brewing 1000-Watt Automatic...
Reservoir Capacity: 30cCup capacity; Brew time: Quick brewing urn efficiently brews 1 cup of coffee per minute

BUNN321300000 32130.0000 3.0-Liter Lever-Action Airpot

BUNN - BUN321300000 32130.0000 3.0-Liter...

Here, we have a top-quality coffee dispenser from Bunn. Made from solid stainless steel, this will last you many years of happy coffee drinking and along with its lever action, it is one of the easiest to use and pour from.

Whatever hot beverage you prefer, this Bun321300000 Lever-Action Airpot can hold up to three liters of it. And you can rest assured that your drink will remain hot for hours on end. While the majority of coffee dispensers sport a pump option to dispense beverages, this Bunn model offers a sleek lever instead. This will help you avoid any accidental spillages every time you pour yourself a drink. Simply raise its sturdy lever, which locks into place very easily, and press it down. Simple!

Unlike some other dispensers, this model is lightweight and easy to transport. Therefore, you can take it for the day to keep your caffeine levels up with no worry of your drink getting cold. 


  • Lightweight – There are no unnecessary bells and whistles or features with this dispenser making it easy to carry and transport
  • Sleek design – With a brew-through lid and lever-action, this is one of the easiest and most attractive coffee dispensers available


  • Difficult to clean – Does not include any tools to help clean the appliance and the directions provided by Bunn are not the most helpful
  • Poor packaging – Some customers have reported that the dispenser has become damaged during transport from the warehouse to their homes 
BUNN - BUN321300000 32130.0000 3.0-Liter...
BUNN - BUN321300000 32130.0000 3.0-Liter...
3-liter (102-ounce) capacity; Stainless steel lining ensures hot coffee for hours; Brew-through lid with lever-action for easy use

Hamilton Beach 40540 Brew Station 40-Cup Coffee Urn

Hamilton Beach 45 Cup Coffee Urn and Hot Beverage...

Next up is the highly impressive Hamilton Beach 40540 Brew Station from the Hamilton Beach family. If you’re looking for ease of use, then this product may be the ideal choice for you.

This 40540 Brew Station just requires you to pour some freshly ground coffee into its reusable filter. This allows you to brew up to forty cups of coffee at a time making it perfect for mass gatherings or family parties. You can move the urn around without too much hassle thanks to its easy-to-grip handles.

Due to its wide top, this is one of the easiest brew stations to clean. Just a quick rinse and wipe down with a kitchen cloth after each use will see it looking new again. Moreover, its dual heater system always ensures that your coffee is never undercooked while always being hot enough for hours on end.


  • Multi-purpose – Can be used with an array of beverages such as coffee, tea, and hot chocolate
  • Good warranty – You will be covered for any accidental damage or faults with its 5-year limited warranty


  • Not so good with styrofoam cups – Although the company claim it is safe to use with this material, many consumers have found it almost impossible to push the dispensing bar down with a styrofoam cup as it is too fragile 

Vondior Airpot Coffee Dispenser with Pump

85 oz (2.5L) Coffee Carafe with Pump, Insulated...

This Airpot Coffee Dispenser from Vondior is a top-of-the-line device that features pump-action and is made up of brushed stainless steel. This means you will always get the freshest flavored coffees as the material doesn’t absorb the flavors. This construction is also supremely easy to clean and get used to it because it will be around for many years to come.

This dispenser allows you to serve hot coffee to a large group of people thanks to its 85-ounce cup holder which can fit 12 cups of coffee from one single fill. It can also keep hot and cold drinks at a constant temperature for hours on hand thanks to its vacuum insulating properties. Hot drinks can stay warm for up to 20 hours while cold drinks can remain cool for up to 36 hours.

Unlike some other models, this also comes with a cleaning brush to save you money from buying it separately. Measuring 5.6 x 13.6 x 5.6 inches, it will also take up very little space and is easy to carry around for days on end.


  • Simple to use – Can operate this with a simple push-button to dispense the coffee
  • Excellent insulation – Keeps hot drinks hot for 20 hours and cold drinks cold for 36 hours


  • The button can be difficult to press – Some users have found the button is a little stiff and won’t press down properly

Nesco CU-50 Professional Coffee Urn

NESCO CU-50, Professional Coffee Urn, 50 Cups,...

Guess what! Here is another high-quality, wonderfully insulating coffee dispenser from Nesco. Sleek yet sturdy, this will look good in any kitchen with its durable stainless steel design. Be prepared to see this on your countertop for many years to come.

The Nesco CU-50 Professional Coffee Urn can yield around twenty mugs of coffee at any one time. We love that you can see the coffee level from outside so you know exactly when it’s time for a refill.

There is also no need to worry about cleaning up after you use this dispenser. Its basket can be easily removed and it is dishwasher safe (those magic words!) When your coffee is done brewing, a handy green light alerts you at the bottom of the dispenser so there is no guessing work or waiting longer than you have to.


  • Double-walled insulation – This guarantees that the water or beverage inside the urn stays hot for a long time
  • Includes a dip tray – This protects your kitchen countertops from accidental spills and stains


  • Tendency to blow a fuse – Some customers have reported that it blows a fuse after some time so you may need to rely on your warranty
  • Noisy – There is some noticeable noise as the water boils which can be distracting for some and annoying 
NESCO CU-50, Professional Coffee Urn, 50 Cups,...
NESCO CU-50, Professional Coffee Urn, 50 Cups,...
Stainless steel housing with double-wall insulation; Makes 50 - 5.7 oz. cups; Brews about one cup per minute

Zojirushi Premier Air Pot Beverage Dispenser

Zojirushi Premier Air Pot Beverage Dispenser, 2.2...

Hailing from Japan, This Zojirushi Premier Air Pot Beverage Dispenser is a non-electric, high-quality appliance that is made from durable stainless steel, plastic, and glass for even longer use. Thanks to its ergonomic lever-style pump and swivel base, you will be serving coffee quicker than ever.

This is perfect for those of you who want to entertain a large number of guests in your home. Its large capacity doesn’t require constant filling so you can fill it once and just serve to your heart’s content. Its vacuum insulation works very well so you can fill the dispenser with cold drinks without worrying about any condensation on its outside.

We love the Brew-Thru stem stopper feature which allows you to brew directly into the unit. And as it is constructed from stainless steel and sports a removable lid, the Zojirushi Premier Air Pot Beverage Dispenser is one of the easiest to clean. 


  • Very durable – High-quality materials will see this dispenser last for many years
  • Brew-thru stem stopper feature – Allows you to brew directly into the unit, something many other models do not possess


  • Could keep coffee hotter for longer – Some customers have found it doesn’t keep their beverages warm for up to twelve hours 
Zojirushi Premier Air Pot Beverage Dispenser, 2.2...
Zojirushi Premier Air Pot Beverage Dispenser, 2.2...
Features a stainless steel, plastic and glass construction for long lasting durability; Features a convenient lever style pump on lid and swivel base makes serving quick and easy

Buyer’s Guide

So, there are our top 7 coffee dispensers on the market today. But before you jump ahead and purchase the first one you like the look of, there are some features and aspects of coffee dispensers you should look out for.

Below are some of the key criteria to consider to ensure you find the best quality coffee dispenser for your needs.


You need to consider how many people you will be serving regularly. Our list above includes dispensers that hold varying quantities to suit all kinds of uses. Ensure that you opt for a model that suits your needs best.

Don’t just choose a flashier option that has extra bells and whistles if it will go largely unused at home. If you entertain guests frequently, pick one with a large capacity. If it is just you or two in a house, a shammer model will more than suffice.


Just because it’s a coffee dispenser doesn’t mean it can’t support other beverages. Maybe you don’t drink that much coffee. Perhaps green tea or hot chocolate is more desirable. Or a cold drink such as lemonade for those hot summer days to help cool you down is your favorite beverage.

Whatever the composition of your drink is, you should look for a dispenser that offers good insulation and can perform the most basic task of a coffee dispenser: to keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold.


Nobody likes to clean their coffee dispenser after use but it is a necessity to keep it going for as long as possible. Therefore, you should pick a model that is easy to clean. Try and find one that is dishwasher friendly so you don’t have to spend your time cleaning it after every use.


As with buying anything, you should always go into a purchase with a budget in mind. Most of us have a cut-off point when buying new appliances and this is certainly the case with coffee dispensers.

We recommend choosing a model that has multi-purpose offerings so you can save your money on buying other products. Try and find the best fit for you while keeping value for money firmly at the forefront of your mind.

The size

It may not be the first thing that enters your mind when buying a coffee dispenser but you need to consider its storage. A lot of the time, it will not be in use so you need to ensure you have a large enough space to store the coffee dispenser.

Models come in all different sizes so try and look for one that does not take up a lot of space, especially if you have a smaller kitchen. The last thing you want is your kitchen countertop to be taken up by a dispenser which can be an eyesore if the design doesn’t match its surroundings. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I make my coffee hotter?

Different coffee dispensers and makers brew coffee at lower temperatures than a kettle. If you find your coffee has lost some of its temperatures, you may need to descale it. Another method is to pour some boiling water into the carafe to warm it up before you make the coffee.

If you own a metal carafe, then these can go very cold quickly so we suggest warming it up as quickly as possible. If you don’t have the use of an electric kettle, you can run the machine through with a small amount of water first. This will take the sting out of the unwanted cold.

Then, simply pour the water out and continue to make the coffee as you usually would. If this doesn’t work for you, you should look into getting a kettle and a French press.

Are coffee dispensers easy to clean?

All coffee dispensers are different from one another. Some come with cleaning kits, such as a brush, while others do not. Also, some are dishwasher friendly which, of course, makes the cleaning process a whole lot easier for you.

Some can be very troublesome before you clean them. Small parts may need to be disassembled after every use just for a simple cleaning routine.

We don’t advise getting these kinds of models as they will soon become a burden more than a useful piece of kit. The dispensers we included above are all easy to clean so you can enjoy more time drinking delicious coffee and less time cleaning.

How often should I refill the reservoir of a coffee dispenser? 

Again, all models are different. Some can contain enough water for up to 40 people while others are only suitable for a handful of people at one time.

Just remember to clean the reservoir as often as possible to keep the dispenser running efficiently for longer.