8 Simple Steps: How to Make Coffee in a Bunn Coffee Maker

When buying a coffee maker, you want to go for the best one with lots of features. Bunn products are a widely accepted option since they offer the most efficient coffee machines. For people who need their cup of coffee in the morning to function, making one can be a pretty painful task. That’s when Bunn coffee machines come in handy. But due to their pour-over drip method, their operation is different from the automatic drip coffee makers.

Understanding how to work a Bunn coffee maker is not too hard. You’ll need to pour water into the brewer, cover it with a lid, and wait for the water to go down in the tank. The cold water will then replace the hot water. When brewed, the showerhead of a Bunn sprays hot water on the coffee. 

It is always a good idea to read the manual that comes in the package before getting started. However, some people get confused and would instead read the instructions online. The Bunn coffee machine allows users to quickly make a cup of coffee. The following steps will make you a master coffee brewer in no time.

Step # 1: Setup the Bunn Coffee Maker

Before using the Bunn coffee maker for the first time, you’ll need to set it up. For this purpose, make sure not to plug in the appliance. There’s also a switch on the right bottom side to heat water. You must also turn it off as any running electricity can damage the coffee maker.

Place the brewing funnel where it’s supposed to be, but don’t attach the filter yet. Lift the lid and start filling the carafe with filtered water. Next, set down the carafe beneath the warmer’s dispensing spout. It usually takes up to three minutes for the water to flow into the tank and partially fill it. About two carafes of water typically do the job.

Step # 2: Heat the Water

If the water starts to flow from the brewing funnel, this indicates that the tank is full. For this reason, it is advisable to place the carafe on the base after each fill to prevent a mess. Now, put the lid back in its place and plug in the coffee maker.

On the lower left side, there is a vacation switch that you need to turn on. This will start heating the machine. The Bunn coffee maker will take around 15 minutes to heat the water to the required temperature.

Note: Never pour the water after turning on the machine and the heating switch. It increases the chances of damaging the heating coil.

Step # 3: Pour the Coffee Grounds Into the Filter

Now that you’ve completed the initial setup brewing the coffee in the Bunn coffee maker will be a piece of cake. Take out your favorite coffee grounds and place them on the filter that comes with the Bunn coffee maker. One suggestion is to spread the coffee grounds evenly on the filter for a brew with even more consistency throughout.

Step # 4: Place in the Filter

After pouring in the coffee grounds, the next step is to place the filter back in the brewing funnel. The number of coffee grounds should depend on the number of cups you wish to make. If the model of your Bunn coffee machine features a warmer switch, turn it on. The switch doesn’t play a role in the brewing process. Its sole purpose is to heat the warming plate and keep the coffee hot in the carafe.

Note: Remember to turn off the warmer switch when the carafe is or is about to be empty. Otherwise, the heat can damage the carafe.

Step # 5: Fill With Water

Fill the carafe with 4 to 10 cups of cold filtered water. Slide the lid open and pour all this water into the brewer. Put the cover of the brewer back on. Next, place the carafe under the brewing funnel. 

Step # 6: Start the Brewing Process

For the brewing to begin, you only need to turn the machine on using the brewing switch. The empty carafe will collect the coffee that drips out of the coffee maker’s spout as the process continues. In under three minutes, the Bunn coffee maker will finish brewing a perfect pot of coffee.

Step # 7: Pour Coffee in Mug

Once the carafe is full of richly flavored coffee, the final step is to pour it into your favorite mug according to your preferences. Add milk or a sweetener. There you have it, a perfect cup of coffee at your service in such a short time. Enjoy your drink!

Step # 8: Clean the Bunn Coffee Maker (Additional Step)

You don’t have to clean the machine every time you make coffee. You can do it once a week. However, there are several components that you should wash after every use. These include the filter basket and brewing pot. By the end of the day, you should also clean the coffee funnels and the brewers.


Now that you know how to operate a Bunn coffee maker, you can tell how it’s different from other coffee machines. Even on days when you’re down on energy or running late for work, you can quickly get a cup of coffee in no time.

All you need to do is pour coffee grounds in the carafe, fill the brewer with water, and start brewing. Apart from its working, the maintenance of the Bunn coffee maker is effortless too. So, get your hands on one as soon as possible! You won’t regret it.