Miele CM5300 Coffee Machine Review

Being fond of coffee is both a blessing and a menace. The blessing is of course the coffee itself, the menace, however, is the cost of sustaining the habit of drinking coffee.

Spending up to $10 daily on coffee isn’t what a reasonable person should be doing (not that we advise against it). But we believe in making coffee more accessible, and consequently more affordable for everyone. After all, why deprive anyone of the bitter-sweet goodness that is coffee ?!

To make the habit of coffee drinking more wallet-friendly, we recommend buying your own coffee machine! Here are some reasons why you might want to do that:

  • You can grab coffee whenever you want, be it 3 am or 3 pm- your machine can’t say no
  • You know what’s going in the coffee so it’s healthier and safer for you
  • You can customize your coffee to how you like it
  • No more waiting in a queue for 20 minutes and having your name spelled wrong on a drink!
  • It’s good for the aesthetics, obviously.

Now that we have talked you into considering buying a coffee machine, here is a recommendation we personally love: the Miele CM5300 Coffee System

Miele CM5300 Coffee System, Medium, Graphite...
Miele CM5300 Coffee System, Medium, Graphite...
Onetouch and OneTouch for two function - make one or two servings at the touch of a button

Features of the Miele CM5300

Makes Two Servings At Once

This Miele CM5300 Coffee System features a One-touch and One-touch feature that can be used to make two coffees at once! This way you can save the time you would spend on making a second cup and enjoy the coffee with a friend, parent, or whoever you want.

Touch Control Panel

The Miele CM5 has a direct sensor touch control panel with easy-to-navigate .settings All the settings are conveniently arranged next to the panel with symbols along with clear text for better understanding.

You mainly have to choose between 4 types of drinks and then you can customize it using additional features easily found below the control panel.

Multiple Brew Options

It doesn’t matter what kind of brew you prefer, the Miele CM5300 Coffee System does it all! From espresso to ristretto, cappuccino, latte macchiato, and cafe latte, you can make anything you prefer with the touch of a button.

This makes it a great option for families that have different preferences when it comes to coffee. The one coffee machine will make everyone happy!

Coffee Pot Function

Have a household full of coffee drinkers but don’t have the time to make individual coffees for everyone? Use the coffee pot function to make 8 cups of coffee in one go!

This function makes the machine brew one cup after the other, yielding a total of 8 cups at a time. This saves time in the morning when everyone is in a rush and it’s also great for when you have visitors and need to serve everyone together.

Easy Cleaning

One of the most difficult aspects of maintaining any kitchen appliance is keeping it clean. However, that’s not the case with this coffee machine.

It has a removable brew unit and drip tray that you can wash easily. The drip tray is also dishwasher safe to make things more convenient. Other than this, the machine has automated cleaning programs to maintain machine hygiene.

A clean machine is not only more sustainable, but it also ensures that your coffee isn’t contaminated by any residue, and tastes as good as it is supposed to, every time!

Sleek Design

The graphite gray finish on the Miele CM5300 Coffee System is modernistic, without being overwhelming. It would fit well into any kitchen space seamlessly credit to its neutral-colored outlook.

It measures 18.2 x 9.5 x 14.25 inches, which might seem bulky at first but since it has a 2-mug capacity you’ll get past that quickly.



  • The drinks come out consistently good, even the ones that require milk. The lattes and cappuccino are exceptionally good!
  • The automatic cleaning requests plus the step-by-step demo on how to clean make maintenance simple and hassle-free
  • It’s fully automatic and the controls are easy to navigate thought
  • It looks great on your kitchen counter, super-slick and modernistic plus it looks and feels expensive!
  • The variety of drinks is pretty diverse, very few machines tend to make anything other than americanos
  • The functioning is pretty fast, the machine warms up quick and has your drink ready within seconds
  • You can use both coffee beans and pre-ground coffee with this machine
  • It has a smaller footprint!
  • You can choose between different temperatures for your coffee
  • You can pre-set the timer to brew coffee when you want
  • The option to brew up to 8 cups at a time is super convenient


  • The water tank has a low capacity so it needs frequent refills
  • Doesn’t have the option of multi-user profiles like the latest models in the line do
  • The cleaning, although automated, needs to happen very frequently. Plus it uses a good amount of water in the process
  • Although the controls are easy to navigate through, they aren’t very responsive
  • It makes quite a bit of noise
Miele CM5300 Coffee System, Medium, Graphite...
Miele CM5300 Coffee System, Medium, Graphite...
Onetouch and OneTouch for two function - make one or two servings at the touch of a button


A coffee machine is a super important investment for those who value their cuppa. So it’s only natural to find the best of machines to spend your money on. The Miele CM5300 Coffee System has quite a few merits to its name.

It has easy controls, a diverse drink selection, and most importantly, durability and easy maintenance. All these advantages plus the fact that it can yield multiple drinks at once make it quite worth the money.

If your daily coffee expense is anything to go by, we feel like this one purchase will eventually save you money. Happy brewing!