What Is a French Vanilla Drink?

What is a French vanilla drink? Vanilla is one of the most popular flavors in the United States, where it is often used as a base for other flavors. French vanilla is a creamy coffee flavor made with egg yolks as opposed to the traditional vanilla made from vanilla bean.

What Is a French Vanilla Drink?

French vanilla drink refers to a sweet, creamy beverage with a smooth taste and can be enjoyed hot or iced. Some vanilla drinks also feature egg yolk as an essential ingredient. Egg yolks are known for their thickening properties, so they help give French vanilla coffee its texture.

The addition of ground beans to the ingredients adds even more body to this already creamy drink mix. It provides extra texture and flavor profiles like chocolate or cinnamon that pair perfectly with vanilla.

Where Does Vanilla Flavor Come From?

Vanilla itself is the fruit of an orchid that grows in tropical regions, mostly in Mexico and Madagascar. The fruit looks like a long bean pod. The bean has a seed inside that holds the flavor and aroma of its species.

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Vanilla beans are grown on vines and take four to five years to mature fully before being harvested. To get a vanilla extract with the highest flavor quality, you need to use the dried white beans (also called cured) and those still green (unripe). You can buy these separately or as one product to make your mix at home!

How Vanilla Is Made

Pure vanilla extract is made by soaking the ground vanilla beans in alcohol for several months.

The alcohol extracts the flavor compounds from the beans into the liquid so that when you use it to make custards or ice cream or other baked goods, you get that pure flavor in your food.

French custard uses an egg base instead of milk. This gives it a richer texture and sometimes a more yellow color than regular vanilla ice cream.

Vanilla vs. French Vanilla

You’d be forgiven for not knowing the difference between the two. They taste the same, although they come from different ingredients. Vanilla is a bean that’s been dried, ground up, and steeped in alcohol to extract its flavor, while French style vanilla is made with eggs and milk.

Vanilla beans are dried before being aged for several months to enhance their flavor. The bean can then be used as-is or infused with liquors like rum or vodka.

A classic vanilla custard base uses eggs, sugar, and cream (or some combination of those three) to create a rich custard that tastes very similar to sweetened whipped cream. It has more body thanks to adding egg yolks and whole eggs themselves and some thickener such as cornstarch or flour (for example).

Differences With Regular Coffee

Vanilla french coffees are sweet and creamy. You can brew them from scratch by grinding beans, adding the vanilla powder, and boiling water in an espresso machine or pot.

If you’d like to keep things simple and want some instant coffee, look for powdered versions online or at your local grocery store.


Regular black coffee is often bitter and strong in flavor, although this varies based on the brewing techniques and the overall quality of the java itself. Custard vanilla is a rich yet sweet coffee flavor with a vainilla aftertaste.

French custard cappuccino is very fluffy and full of cream. It’s a real delight for anyone with a sweet tooth although probably not the best option for coffee purists who enjoy the drink for its authentic taste, not lots and lots of sugar.

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Each cup of coffee can contain around 95-200 milligrams of caffeine, though instant coffees have even less per 8oz serving. Vanilla French coffees normally contain 150 milligrams a serving, although this would depend on the brewing process.

Related Questions

Is Vanilla Extract Compatible With Coffee?

Vanilla extract is compatible with coffee and can help to lighten up your hot beverage without adding a lot of extra calories. Start with a teaspoon of vanilla extract per cup of coffee grounds. Add water as needed to achieve the desired consistency. Then brew according to your preferred method and enjoy!

Is Vanilla Coffee Caffeinated?

Vanilla coffee is caffeinated because it’s brewed from coffee beans. If you want to know if the vanilla coffee you drink contains caffeine, you will have to read the label or ask the manufacturer. Most flavored coffees contain caffeine. The amount of caffeine in each cup varies according to the brand and the amount of coffee used.


What is a French vanilla drink? It is a type of coffee with a French vanilla flavor. The flavor of the beverage is sweet with hints of chocolate and caramel, making it a popular choice for those who like their drinks sweet. It also has a creamy texture and tastes smoother and sweeter than traditional black coffee.