What Size Chemex to Get?

You may have heard of Chemex coffee makers, the classic and elegant pour-over ceramic coffee makers. If you’re new to the Chemex world, you might be wondering what size Chemex to get. The good news is that there are various sizes and models, so you don’t need to feel limited. This guide will help you decide which size Chemex is best for your needs.

What Size Chemex to Get

The size of Chemex to get depends on how much coffee you want to brew. Most people choose the 6-cup and 8-cup models because they are the classic and standard Chemex sizes. With these sizes, you can easily make enough coffee for everyone.

The 6-cup Chemex can make 30 ounces of coffee at a time; the 8 cup makes 40 ounces. If you’re making enough for yourself or two people, then go with the 6 cups. If your household has heavy coffee drinkers who like to have several cups in the morning consider getting an 8 cup instead.

Brewing With a 6 Cup vs. 8 Cups Chemex

If you’re new to brewing with a Chemex, the first step is to determine how many cups of coffee you want to make. Once you know that, the rest is easy.

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Step 1: Measure Ground Coffee

Measure out your ground coffee, which should be about 1.76 ounces per 26.46 ounces of water, and put it into the filter. Adjust accordingly for lighter or darker roasts. For example, if making an Americano-style brew and want it fairly strong at around 140 degrees Fahrenheit, use about 28.70 ounces of water in a 6 cup Chemex and 31.8 ounces in an 8 cup model.

If making a richer espresso-style drink at higher temperatures like 350 degrees Fahrenheit, then adjust accordingly using more grounds per 6 ounce serving size. Choosing Chemex sizes isn’t rocket science, so don’t stress too much; do what tastes good.

Step 2: Preheat Chemex

Put on a timer for 4 minutes (5 if using a hotter brew temperature) and preheat your glassware.  You can do this by pouring some hot water into it before adding filter paper (for best results, rinse beforehand).

Step 3: Add Water

Pour hot water slowly over the grounds while stirring gently until it becomes wet although not saturated with liquid. Brew for about 3 minutes. The longer you brew your coffee, generally speaking, the stronger it will be.  Pour out the brewed coffee into a cup or mug. If you’re feeling fancy, pass through a cheesecloth or muslin cloth before serving so that it has more of a filtered look and feel about it.

Other Chemex Sizes to Consider

If you want to make single-serve coffees, choose a small Chemex. If you want to brew multiple cups simultaneously, choose a larger Chemex and brew your grounds directly.

3 Cup Chemex

The 3 cup Chemex is the classic version of this iconic coffee maker. It makes a great morning brew for one or two people, and you’ll get 20 ounces of coffee. If you’re looking for something more portable, this is it.

10 Cup Chemex

The 10-cup Chemex is a nice choice if you’re looking for something that can make enough coffee for a few people although not so much that it’s hard to clean. It holds 50 ounces of coffee, which means it’s good for two or three people. If you’re going solo, this might be a perfect size. You can also use it to share with family or coworkers on a rainy day—the design makes it easy to pass around and share among everyone in your office or home!

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13 Cup Chemex

The 13-cup Chemex is a good size for a few people. It’s great for a family or even a small office looking to brew on the go. It holds 65 ounces of coffee. The large capacity keeps everyone in your crew caffeinated and productive while working on their respective projects.

Related Questions

What Size Chemex Is Classic?

The classic size is the 6-cup model. This size is great for everyday coffee and single people or couples. If you have a medium family, the 8-cup model is a good option. If you have a large family or group of coworkers that you share coffee with often, then the 13 cup Chemex is your best bet.

What Is the Normal Size Chemex?

The normal size Chemex is the 8-cup model, although 4 and 10 cup models are also great. For some people, their needs vary from day to day—some days, they may want a smaller amount of coffee to serve guests or when they’re alone; other days, they may need more cups for themselves and their family. The 8-cup model gives you some flexibility with your coffee consumption. The best way to figure out what size Chemex you want is by looking at the number of cups it holds.


What size Chemex to get? Take your time when deciding what size Chemex is right for you. The 6 cup Chemex is a classic style, although you can also choose the  3 cups or even 8  cup models. Start by comparing various sizes and reviewing what it takes to achieve a perfect brew with each model.