Why Is Illy Coffee So Expensive?

Illy, the name alone conjures up images of hipsters, artisan coffee shops, and expensive coffee. So why is Illy Coffee so expensive? If it’s so expensive, is it even worth it? With all its fancy packaging, what makes Illy Coffee any different from regular coffee brands?

Why Is Illy Coffee So Expensive?

Illy coffee is expensive because it is presented as premium coffee, using a blend of nine Arabica coffee beans worldwide. Another reason has to do with the fact that they use proprietary pressurized oxygen-free packaging meant to preserve its flavor and prevent it from oxidizing over a long period.

Two white Illy teacups are being filled with fresh coffee by a silver coffee machine in a coffee shop

A bag of whole beans costs about $17 for 16 oz., which comes to about $0.10 per ounce—twice as expensive as Starbucks!

What Makes Illy More Expensive Than Most Other Brands?

The Illy name is synonymous with quality coffee. The company has been making a name for itself since 1933, when Francesco Illy opened his first café in Trieste, Italy. The company has grown to become one of the largest coffee manufacturers in the world, and its products can be found in more than 43 countries worldwide.

So, what makes Illy so unique? Why is their coffee so expensive?

  • Quality Ingredients
  • Extensive research and development
  • Branding
  • The Roasting Process

Quality Ingredients

Illy uses only Arabica beans sourced from the finest plantations around the world. The company buys directly from farmers to ensure the highest quality beans reach its roasting facilities in Trieste. This means you get excellent-tasting coffee every time you buy an Illy product.

Extensive Research and Development

Illy invests heavily in research and development (R&D) activities because it believes that innovation is essential for maintaining its competitive edge and moving forward to become a global leader in premium coffee production and distribution services.

For example, it recently launched a new line of instant coffees designed specifically for use with Nespresso machines. These new products feature unique packaging designs.


Illy isn’t just another brand of beans; it’s an iconic Italian brand with a rich history dating back over 100 years. This helps explain why it costs more than other coffees — it’s worth it!

The Roasting Process

Illy has a unique approach to roasting its coffee beans. They use a unique technique called “rotisserie roasting.” This allows them to roast each batch of beans individually instead of in batches, as most other roasters do.

It’s important to note that this process isn’t unique to Illy; Starbucks does something similar, though not as accurately or consistently as Illy does.

The main advantage of rotisserie roasting is that it allows for more control over the roasted product’s final flavor profile than other roasters.

Is Illy Worth the Money?

Illy is one of those brands synonymous with quality and luxury. It deserves its reputation for being an upmarket, premium brand.

So, how much better is Illy compared with other top brands? And is it worth the money?

It Has a Wonderful Taste Profile When You Brew It Correctly!

If you use too much water or don’t let it drip through long enough before serving, it will taste bitter and burnt. Though if you brew it correctly, you will enjoy a rich and full-bodied cup of joe that is perfect before or after meals.

Illy Offers an Excellent Variety of Blends and Flavors

From classic Italian espresso to creamy mochas, this company has something for everyone! There are also single-origin coffees that are produced with 100% Arabica beans, including those from Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, and Costa Rica.

An aluminum can of Illy Arabica Selection with gold foil finish on top of a brown wooden table

Its Packaging Is Environmentally Friendly

The cans are made out of aluminum (which is recyclable), while the recycled plastic lid with a gold foil finish is easy to open while hard to tear apart.

Cons of Illy coffee:

  • Illy does not offer coupons or discounts for its products online or in stores. So if you are looking for ways to save money when buying coffee, this brand is probably not right for you.
  • Has a strong flavor. This is great for some people, though it may not appeal to others. If you want something milder, this might not be for you.

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Which Dark Roast Is as Good as Illy?

If you’re looking for a dark roast that’s as good as Illy, here are some alternatives:

1. Starbucks’ Dark Roast
2. Lavazza
3. Peet’s Coffee
4. Maxwell’s House Dark Roast
5. Folger’s Dark Roast Coffee

Which Is More Expensive? Lavazza or Illy?

Both Illy and Lavazza have similar pricing structures. However, Illy has a broader variety of options than Lavazza, which means some products are priced higher than their counterparts from Lavazza.


Illy’s expensive price can be attributed to the fact that Illy coffee is made from a blend of fresh Arabica beans packed in a pressurized system to maintain freshness. Research and research, as well as extensive branding and roasting processes, are all vital in the development of this coffee.