How Many Ounces in a Coffee Pot?

Coffee pots come in different sizes. However, the standard size in most coffee makers is a 12-cup pot. Converting this into ounces may not be easy since the numbers on a coffee pot may not always mean what they purport to mean. That is why I often ask myself, how many ounces are in a coffee cup? 

How Many Oz Are in a Coffee Pot?

A standard 12-cup coffee pot will hold roughly 60 ounces of coffee. This is equal to about 7 or 8 cups if you measure using a standard 8-ounce cup of coffee. 

Croissant, coffee pot and mug on a table

Understandably, this can be confusing since if you are using an 8-ounce cup, then the pot should hold 96 fluid ounces (12X8) not 60 oz. Although the measurements on a coffee pot are in cups, they are not standard 8-ounce cups. So, how exactly are coffee pots measured? 

How Coffee Pots Are Measured?

As I mentioned, coffee pots are measured in the number of cups. In the US, a standard coffee cup size is 8 ounces. However, this may not be the measurement reflected on your cup. A coffee pot that indicates 12 cups may not actually hold 12 8-ounce cups. 

This is because most coffee pots do not subscribe to the standard 8-ounce measurements. They usually use 6-ounce or 5-ounce cups. That is why I multiply 12 by 5 (not 8) to get 60 fluid ounces per coffee cup. 

So, if you measure water using a standard 8-ounce cup, your coffee will taste like water and will be very weak. Consequently, if you are using a standard cup to take your coffee, you should get slightly over 7 cups. 

How Much Coffee Should You Add to a Coffee Pot?

If you want to make a full pot of coffee, you should add 15 tablespoons of coffee grounds. This will give you the 60 fluid ounces that I mentioned earlier on. 

However, if you want a stronger cup of coffee,  you can add up to 20 tablespoons of coffee. This will give you a potent brew with the same amount of coffee.

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If you are using a drip coffee maker, you should add your water before the coffee. The reason for this is to ensure that you get the correct amount of coffee and water. 

Factors That Will Influence the Size of Your Coffee Pot

While a standard coffee pot will hold around 60 fluid ounces of coffee, all coffee pots are not always the same size.  The size of the coffee pot will be influenced by:

  • The type of coffee maker you are using
  • The brand of the coffee maker
  • The country
  • The capacity of your coffee maker

The Type of Coffee Maker

The type of coffee maker you are using will determine the size of your coffee pot. For instance, if you get a French Press, then it will not have the same capacity as that offered by a drip coffee maker.

Most drip coffee makers come with a 12-cup carafe which is equal to 60 ounces. Similarly, if you use a single-serve coffee maker you will not have to worry about making a full pot of coffee. These coffee makers brew one cup at a time.

The Brand of Your Coffee Maker

Even if you are using the same type of coffee maker, different brands will have different capacities. Some companies make larger or smaller pots than others. For instance, a 12-cup Mr. Coffee carafe might not have the same capacity as that offered by Cuisinart.

The Country 

In Europe, most coffee pots only make 4 cups. This is because Europeans love their coffee strongly and they do not want to dissolve it by adding more water.

Three different types of coffee pots

On the other hand, if you are in America, you will find that 12-cup coffee pots are the norm. Countries also differ when it comes to cup measurements. In America, a cup is 8 fluid ounces while in Europe a cup is only 5 fluid ounces.

The Size of Your Coffee Maker

If you have a large coffee maker, it will be able to brew more coffee than a smaller one. For instance, some drip coffee makers come with a 60-ounce reservoir. This means that you can make up to 10 cups of coffee before you have to refill the reservoir.

Related Questions

Do Coffee Pots Measure Cups or Ounces?

Coffee pots are usually measured in the number of cups.  However, the actual amount of coffee in a pot will be determined by the size of the cup. As I mentioned earlier, most coffee pots use 6-ounce or 5-ounce cups.

How Many Fluid Oz Are in a 6 Cup Coffee Pot?

A 6-cup coffee pot will hold about 30 Oz of fluid. This is assuming that you are using a 5 oz cup. As I mentioned earlier, the size of the cup will determine the actual amount of coffee in the pot.


If you are wondering how many oz are in a coffee pot, then the simple answer is 60 ounces. This amount will be influenced by the type of coffee maker you use, the brand, and the country the coffee maker is made. While there may be other factors that influence the size of your coffee pot, these are some of the key ones to consider.