How to Turn Off a Breville Descale Light

Breville has been a formidable coffee machine manufacturer for years now. Though as long as your Breville espresso machine is working well! The clean descale light will keep flashing if there is any problem or if something’s not right with the machine. Here’s how to turn off the Breville Descale light.

How to Turn off the Breville Descale Light

To turn off the clean descale light on your Breville espresso: Turn off the power to your coffee machine by pressing the power button on the front of the machine for at least 30 seconds. Place water in the reservoir and turn the machine back on by pressing its power button for at least 30 seconds. The clean descale light will now be off.

A clean and close-up Breville silver coffee machine

Breville descale lights are a feature of most of their machines, which will flash when the machine needs to be descaled. The flashing light is the most visible indicator that your Breville coffee machine needs to be descaled.

What to Do if the Breville Descale Light Is Still On

A descaling light on your Breville machine can be confusing. It means something is wrong with the machine and needs to be cleaned or replaced. If you are having trouble figuring out what’s happening, here are some steps that should help and things you will need during the descaling process:

  • Cold tap water
  • Dish soap solution
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Fork or spoon to scoop up debris.
  • Rubber gloves
  • White towel
  • Clean cloth for wiping clean after cleaning the machine inside out.

1. Prepare Your Machine

Turn off your Breville machine before beginning this process. Remove the reservoir, filter basket, and drip tray from the machine if they are not already empty.

Use a fork to remove debris from the filter basket and drip tray.

2. Gather the Cleaning Supplies

Place approximately 1/4 cup of distilled water in a small bowl or container. Add one tablespoon of white vinegar to the water and stir until it dissolves completely.

Then add three drops of dish soap to this mixture, stirring again until it dissolves completely. Set aside the ingredients for now.

3. Descale

Place one tablespoon of descaler solution into each cup on which you would like to use your coffee maker’s descale feature. For example, if you have two cups, place one tablespoon of descaler solution in both cups, so they are evenly coated with descaler solution.

If you have only one cup, pour just enough descaler solution into that cup, so it is covered while not overflowing onto its sides or bottom.

4. Switch on the Machine

Throughout this process, you should put roughly 8 ounces of water through your espresso maker

To ensure that this combination circulates throughout the whole machine, you should add 2 cups of fresh water after the level within the tank has dropped by half.

5. Run Cleaning Water Through Machine While the Pump Is Running

Run the vinegar-water mixture through the running machine using a stream of water from the top (the “active” water dispenser). This will help to flush out any remaining coffee grounds from the filter basket, which should be removed immediately after each use.

Once the water dispenser is empty, run clean water through it one more time to rinse any remaining coffee grounds and gently wipe the machine inside out using a clean cloth.

A close-up silver Breville coffee machine placed on a kitchen top

6. Turn off Machine

Your espresso maker must be turned off. Then you must wait 30 minutes for your device to work with the solution. Your machine’s filth level will determine how long you must leave it off.

Limescale and other tough stains can be removed by turning off the Breville for as long as 12 hours.

7. Continue by Repeating Steps 4 and 5

Turn on your espresso maker and let the water flow through as in Step 4 until no more vinegar-water mixes are visible. The amount of time it takes depends on how filthy your machine is, so if you run it for more than 30 minutes in Step 6, add 2 cups of tap water before running it again.

Depending on the sort of descaler you have, you may need to repeat these procedures more than once, though one or two times is often sufficient after a full 30-minute pause between each session you put water through your appliance.

Common Breville Espresso Problems and Solutions

Breville machines are considered one of the premier brands of coffee machines. They are expensive, though they are worth the money. If you own a Breville machine, you know how awesome it is.

If you’re not using your coffee machine as often as you should, then some common problems can occur and some solutions for them.

How to Reset the Breville Espresso After Descaling?

Espresso makers from Breville are designed to provide some of the best espresso shots and coffee drinks possible. However, they’re not immune to the occasional descaling.

There are two ways to reset your machine after descaling.

Method 1

Press the “Cancel” button on the front of the machine. This will take you back to the previous menu setting.

Method 2

Press and hold down both buttons (1 and 2) simultaneously for 5 seconds until they begin flashing. This will clear any memory in your machine, then restart it with all settings as you purchased it new, including water temperature and time settings for each cup of coffee or espresso beverage brewed.

How to Handle an Espresso Maker That Says “Clean Me?”

When the Breville coffee maker says “clean me,” it means you should clean it. This is because it needs to be cleaned every few months.

To do this, first, plug in your machine and turn it on. This will turn off the heating element and allow you to remove the boilerplate from the brewing unit. Ensure that you do not pour water into this unit, as this can damage your machine.

After removing the boilerplate, rinse out any residue with water. Once dry, replace it on your machine and turn it on again.

A close-up silver Breville coffee machine brewing a coffee in a white cup

Related Questions

What Happens if You Don’t Descale Your Coffee Machine?

Coffee machines are built to clean themselves. However, if you don’t descale your machine regularly, the buildup of mineral deposits and other debris will accumulate in the filter. Eventually, this can cause the machine to stop working properly. If your coffee machine doesn’t take a full brew cycle every time, it isn’t getting a good cleaning.

How Frequently Do I Descale the Breville Espresso Machine?

I recommend that you descale your Breville machine every three months. This will ensure that your machine is running optimally and will prevent any buildup of residue that can affect the quality of your coffee. It is also important to note that an espresso machine requires regular cleaning and descaling to maintain its overall performance.

Can I Descale My Breville Espresso Machine With Vinegar?

Yes, of course. Vinegar can be used to descale your Breville espresso. You will, however, need to allow the vinegar to sit in the reservoir for at least 20 minutes before using it. This is because the chemicals in vinegar will react with the minerals in water and cause it to become hard. The best way to descale your machine is by using a descaling solution.


It is easy to turn off the Breville espresso machine descale light. You can also take many steps to ensure your machine will stay operational for a long time. Remember these tips when working with your espresso machine from Breville; hopefully, they’ll help you get the most out of your purchase.