How to Descale a Braun Coffee Maker

Keeping your coffee maker in good condition is the best way to make and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. If you use a Braun coffee maker, make sure that you descale it at least once every three months. Not only will it allow your device to keep working optimally but it’ll also maximize its lifespan.

In this article, I’ll discuss a detailed method that will allow you to learn how to descale a Braun coffee maker. Make sure that you follow each step carefully to descale your coffee maker effectively.

How to Descale a Braun Coffee Maker

Braun coffee makers come with a smart function that informs you automatically when they need to be descaled. Each Braun coffee maker offers an LED with the “CLEAN” label that turns on when it’s time for descaling. If your coffee maker’s CLEAN LED is turned on, use the following steps to descale it properly.

Step 1: Choose the Right Descaling Agent

There are many solutions that you can use to descale your Braun coffee maker. Some popular options include lemon juice, water and vinegar mixture, and citric acid. While you can use these cleaning agents to descale your Braun coffee maker, the company recommends its users opt for the dedicated Braun Descaling Solution.

It’s completely safe for all coffee maker models by Braun and removes bad odors and lime and calcium deposits from your device effectively. You can use this descaling solution to clean other coffee makers safely as well.

Step 2: Remove Filters from the Coffee Maker

Once you have selected your desired descaling solution, the next step is to remove the charcoal water filter holder. You’ll find it inside the water tank of your Braun coffee maker. The charcoal water filter is attached to the holder and it’ll be automatically removed with it.

After that, you’ll need to open the brew basket assembly to remove the gold-tone permanent filter. Make sure that your device is unplugged while performing this step.

Step 3: Add the Descaling Agent

After removing the filters, you’ll need to add the descaling agent to the water tank. Make sure that you don’t add the descaling agent to your coffee filter in its concentrated form. You’ll need to dilute the agent by mixing its 100 milliliters with one-liter water.

Then you can start adding the diluted solution to the water tank of your coffee maker until it reaches the maximum marked scale.

Step 4: Place the Empty Carafe In its Position

If your coffee maker’s carafe already has some liquid, you’ll need to discard it. Then, rinse it using fresh water and place it on its keep-warm plate. It’s an extremely important step because the solution that you added to the water tank will go to the carafe after descaling your coffee maker.

Step 5: Start the Descaling Process

Now, you’ll need to plug your coffee maker into a wall socket and turn it on using the power button. Once the device is ready, press the “CLEAN” button and wait until it starts flashing. As soon as the LED begins to flash, you’ll need to press the “BREW” button to start the descaling program.

The Green LED will keep flashing throughout the process which can take up to 45 minutes. It’s also important to note that once the descaling program has started, you won’t be able to stop it until it’s completed.

Step 6: Clean with Fresh Water

The green LED of the “CLEAN” button will stop flashing as soon as the descaling process is finished. Then, you’ll need to remove the carafe from the keep-warm plate and discard the liquid it has caught. After that, use fresh water to rinse it thoroughly and place it back in its position.

The water tank of your Braun coffee maker will be empty at this point. You’ll need to fill it to its maximum marked scale with fresh and clean water. Then, run the device through a full brew cycle in order to flush it properly after descaling.

Make sure that you run another brew cycle with fresh warm water after finishing the first one. It’ll allow you to get rid of the descaling agent’s residue and smell thoroughly.

Why Is It Important to Descale Your Braun Coffee Maker?

Descaling your Braun or any other coffee maker is important to make sure it keeps working correctly. Not only does it allow you to make great-tasting coffee but it also improves your device’s longevity.

The following are some other disadvantages that’ll allow you to understand why descaling a coffee maker is important.

  • If you don’t descale your coffee maker ever, the water flow will be disrupted. As a result, your device will take a long time to make coffee and can also start overheating the plate.
  • The lime and calcium deposits will build up inside your coffee maker’s water tank and lead to damage over time.
  • Your coffee maker will make loud noises while brewing because of restricted water flow and overheating. It can damage the waterline and the heating coil of the device.
  • The lime and calcium deposits will also build up in the tubing from the coil or water tank to the drip head. Resultantly, water won’t be able to flow freely to the head and your device will produce poorly extracted coffee.
  • In the worst-case scenario, your coffee maker will get damaged beyond repair. You’ll need to buy a new one that will cost you a whole lot of money.
  • Not descaling your coffee maker will also lead to the build-up of bacteria and mold in the device. Brewing coffee in such a device and drinking it can be very harmful to your health

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most commonly asked questions about descaling the Braun coffee maker.

How Do You Know Your Braun Coffee Maker Needs Descaling?

All Braun coffee makers come with the “CLEAN” button with an LED. It automatically turns on to inform you whenever your coffee maker needs to be descaled. You’ll need to keep an eye on this LED to make sure that you descale your coffee maker on time. Otherwise, your coffee maker will start making muddy coffee with poor taste and it can also get damaged severely in the worst cases.

How Long Does Braun Coffee Maker Take to Descale?

According to the company, descaling a Braun coffee maker can take up to 45 minutes. In addition, it’s also not possible to stop the descaling process once it has been started. So, I recommend you start the descaling program when you have enough spare time to complete it effectively.

How Often Should You Descale Your Braun Coffee Maker?

The frequency of descaling depends on multiple factors. It includes how often you use your coffee maker and the quality of water you add to the water tank for brewing. Typically, you should descale your coffee maker at least once in three months. However, you’ll need to descale your Braun coffee maker earlier, if it turns on its green LED light of the CLEAN button before three months.

Final Words

Descaling a Braun coffee maker is a time-consuming process but it doesn’t have to be difficult. You only need to make sure that you use the right course of action and descaling agent to avoid unwanted scenarios. I hope this guide will help you descale your Braun coffee maker effectively so that you can keep enjoying your favorite coffee with an ideal taste.