How to Clean a Braun Coffee Maker

Braun is a renowned coffee maker brand that offers durable and premium quality products. Not only do they make consistently good coffee but you can also use them to brew different coffee types.

However, your coffee maker will start making bitter-tasting coffee if you don’t clean it regularly. In addition, unclean working conditions will also decrease the lifespan of your device.

That’s why I have come up with this guide to help you understand how to clean your Braun coffee maker.

How to Clean a Braun Coffee Maker

Use the following steps to clean your Braun coffee maker to ensure its longevity and keep enjoying flavor-rich drinks.

Step 1: Add a Cleaning Solution

The first step is to add a cleaning solution to your coffee maker. You can make a cleaning solution by mixing 2/3 parts water and 1/3 parts vinegar in a bowl. This mixture will easily dissolve calcium deposits and bad odors from your coffee maker. You can also use a specialized Braun cleaning/descaling solution to clean your Braun coffee maker.

Once your cleaning solution is ready, remove the coffee maker’s water filter holder located inside the water tank. After that remove the gold-toner filter located inside the brew basket assembly. Then add the cleaning solution to fill the water tank to its maximum marked scale.

Important Note: Make sure that your Braun coffee maker is unplugged while performing this step.

Step 2: Select the Right Settings

Plug your Braun coffee maker in and turn it on by pressing the power button. If you’re using a Braun Brewsense Drip coffee maker, you’ll just need to press the “Clean” button. The LED on the “Clean” button will start blinking but it won’t start the cleaning process.

But if you’re using a Braun MlutiServe coffee maker, you’ll only need to set the dial to the full pod setting for this step.

Step 3: Start the Cleaning Process

Press the “Brew” button if you’re using a Braun Brewsense Drip coffee maker. But if you have a Braun MlutiServe coffee maker, you’ll need to press the “Clean” button.

Your coffee maker will start the cleaning cycle to dispense the water and vinegar mixture through hot water drip and coffee valves.

The Braun Brewsense Drip coffee maker will take about 15 minutes to complete the cleaning cycle. Whereas the display on a Braun MlutiServe coffee maker will show a countdown timer that starts from 23. The cleaning cycle on this model will also take about 15 minutes.

However, the timer won’t go all the way down to 0. It’ll reach “4” and the “Clean” button will start flashing to indicate that the cleaning process is completed.

Important Note: Once you start this process, you won’t be able to stop it in the middle and you’ll need to finish it all the way through.

Step 4: Repeat the Process with Clean Water

Now, you’ll need to empty your coffee pod/carafe and fill the water tank with clean water. Repeat the same process discussed in the previous step to dispense clean water through hot water drips and coffee valves.

The countdown timer on your Braun MlutiServe coffee maker will still be at 4. Once you press the “Clean” button it’ll start the automated rinse cycle and the countdown will go down to 0. After that, the coffee maker will automatically turn off.

Cleaning your Braun coffee maker with fresh water is important because it’ll remove the smell and remaining residues of vinegar, this mixture is also used for cleaning Aeropress coffee makers.

Step 5: Clean the Brew Basket

Grab a soft sponge and pour two to three drops of dishwashing soap on it. Rinse your coffee maker’s brew basket gently and then use lukewarm water to clean it thoroughly. Make sure that you let the brew basket dry before re-installing it.

Step 6: Wash the Coffee Pod

Remove the coffee pod from the coffee maker and pour some soapy water inside. Use a soft sponge to rinse it from the inside thoroughly and clean it using lukewarm water. Then use a soft towel to dry the coffee pod properly.

Step 7: Clean the Coffee Maker’s Body

Use a damp towel to clean the external parts of your coffee maker gently. Make sure that you keep the body of your coffee maker away from water because it’ll damage its electrical components. 

Tips to Clean Braun Coffee Maker

Use the following tips to clean the coffee maker to enjoy the ideal taste of your favorite coffee.

  • Clean your Braun coffee maker regularly to ensure efficient performance.
  • Unplug the device before adding ground coffee and water to your device.
  • Always clean the brew basket and coffee pod after every use.
  • Empty the drip tray after every use to prevent mold and bacteria buildup.
  • Never add detergent to your coffee maker’s water tank that’s unsafe for your device.
  • Read the instruction manual properly to find out if there’s any specialized coffee maker-safe detergent or cleaning solution that you can use.
  • Use soft water to make coffee because it has fewer calcium deposits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about cleaning Braun coffee makers.

How Often Should You Clean Braun Coffee Maker?

You should clean your Braun Coffee maker once a month if you use the machine daily. The cleaning frequency also depends on the hardness of the water you add to the machine in order to make coffee. If you use soft water and make coffee two to three times a week, you should clean your device after every two to three months. In addition, you must clean the brew basket and coffee pod after every use.

How Do You Clean a Braun Coffee Maker Without Vinegar?

If you don’t want to use vinegar, you can use 1/4 parts baking soda and 3/4 parts water to make a cleaning solution. You can also buy a commercially available cleaning solution to clean your Braun coffee maker.

Final Words

Cleaning your coffee maker regularly not only allows the machine to perform optimally but also helps in prolonging its lifespan. I hope this guide will help you understand the right way to clean your Braun coffee maker effectively.