Is Whole Bean Coffee Cheaper?

You may have heard your local barista tell you that whole bean coffee is cheaper than pre-ground. They may preach the value of grinding your coffee and say you will save thousands in the long term. So, is whole bean coffee cheaper?

Is Whole Bean Coffee Cheaper?

Whole bean coffee is not cheaper than ground coffee. Whole bean coffee prices are higher than pre-ground coffee because they are more flavorful and taste fresher. Whole beans also have a longer shelf life and offer more flexibility in brewing methods than ground coffee.

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Ground beans are usually prepped for sale by the coffee roaster within 24 hours after roasting, which means the coffee can lose its freshness within a week of being roasted. Whole beans give you more control over when you grind your coffee and how long you keep it before brewing to enjoy a better flavor from your coffee.

Why Is Whole Bean Coffee More Expensive?

Whole beans are a luxury item because it’s not practical for most people to buy them this way. The average person doesn’t have the means to grind and brew their own coffee every morning, so they buy it ready-made at their local grocery store or Starbucks for convenience.

Whole Beans Cost More to Produce and Store Than Ground Coffee

Whole beans cost more to ship than ground coffee because they’re heavier. Ground beans can be packed tightly into bags or boxes, while whole beans can be shipped in larger containers. This makes them harder to transport, which translates into higher shipping expenses.

They’re a Higher Quality Product

Whole beans have more flavor because they haven’t been ground until just before brewing. Once it is ground, the oils inside the bean begin to evaporate, which changes its flavor profile. Additionally, whole beans can be stored for up to one year without losing their flavor or aroma. Coffee grounds lose their flavor quickly because they oxidize so quickly once exposed to air and light.

Whole Beans Offer More Choices

In terms of pre-ground coffee, you have a lot of options. You can grind your beans fine, semi-fine, or coarse, depending on your needs. Unfortunately, upon purchase of your preferred grind size, that’s all you’ll get until the pack is finished.

The best part about whole beans is that you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a grind size. If you want something coarse, you can get it by buying a full-bodied roast. If you need something fine or medium-fine, there are plenty of options for those too!

How to Reduce the Cost of Coffee Made From Whole Beans?

Whole beans can be cheaper than coffee grounds, even if you’re buying the right beans. When you buy whole beans, you can choose when to grind them and how much to grind.

You also get to choose how much water to use and how long to brew it. That means that you can adjust both variables to suit your preferences and save money along the way.

  • Buy in Bulk
  • Shop Around Before You Buy
  • Get a Coupon

Buy in Bulk

Buying as many whole beans as you can afford is best. This will allow you to make more cups of coffee with each pound and save money over time. It also allows you to get a better price per cup since you won’t be paying extra for packaging and shipping costs.

Shop Around Before You Buy

You should always shop around before buying anything, especially when it comes to something as basic as coffee. By doing this, you will be able to find the best price for your favorite brand of whole beans without having to spend hours on end searching for it online or calling around local stores trying to find it locally.

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Get a Coupon

Grocery stores often offer coupons for whole beans—especially around Christmas time—so keep an eye out for these deals before purchasing anything else at the grocery store!

Related Questions

Does Grinding Whole Beans Save Money?

Grinding whole beans does not save money. It doesn’t matter whether you grind your beans or not—the cost of coffee is primarily determined by how much you pay for the beans themselves.

Do Whole Beans Cost Less Than Pods?

Whole beans cost less than pods, which is true for Keurig coffee pods and Nespresso capsules. A pound of whole beans costs about $4.50, making about five cups of coffee. A pound of K-Cups costs about $10 and makes about 30 cups of coffee. So you can see that whole beans are cheaper per cup, though K-Cups are more expensive upfront because they cost more per pound.


Whole bean coffee prices are more expensive than pre-ground coffee because they are more flavorful, taste fresher, offer more brewing options, and cost more to store than coffee grounds. To make whole bean brew cheaper, you can buy in bulk or shop for online stores offering huge discounts.