Starbucks Coffee Beans

Starbucks Coffee Beans Review

Not everyone is a morning person by default. Most people consider coffee a way to embrace happiness in the now. It actually helps wake them up every morning. It gives them moments like opening a fresh bag of roasted coffee beans and having it surround you with that perfect aroma, giving you the ultimate start of a new day.

Buying coffee beans online can sound overwhelming as there are so many options to choose from. Every coffee bean has a peculiar taste depending on how it is roasted and where it is grown.

Coffee beans play a crucial role in the flavor of your coffee. You can refine your brewing techniques as much as you want but buying good quality coffee beans has the most effect on the taste.

Types of Coffee To Consider

  • Light Roast: The beans are light brown and have a sour taste
  • Medium Roast: The beans are medium brown and do not have an oily surface. These beans have acidity to them but different varietal aromatics of the coffee can still be tasted
  • Dark Roast: The beans are darker in color. These beans have some oil on the surface. Acidity has faded, which brings out a bittersweet aftertaste
  • Darker Roast: These beans are the darkest. They are shiny and have an oily surface. There might still be some acidity left. They’re usually used for espresso or Turkish brews

Why Whole Beans Are Better Than Pre Ground Coffee

After deciding on the type of coffee beans, it is essential to know whether you wish to buy pre-ground coffee beans or whole coffee beans. For most, it’s whole coffee beans that do the magic.

Using whole coffee beans ensures you get a fresh-tasting cup of coffee every single time. While it is true that pre-ground coffee beans are more convenient, whole bean coffee tastes significantly better, so it’s well worth the effort to grind them at home.

In truth, pre-ground coffee is already stale when you buy it. And once you open the bag, exposing it to the environment, it starts getting oxygenated and decays rapidly, hence losing its taste and aroma.

Using whole beans also gives you the added advantage of playing around with your grind size and adjusting it according to your brew kind. Suppose you want your medium-coarse grind for your usual coffee one day but want to try a finer grind for espresso the next day, you can do that if you’re using whole bean coffee.

How Are Espresso Beans Different From The Usual Coffee Beans?

Espresso is mainly a brewing method. Brands that market espresso beans separately are actually on to something. Some differences among the two include:

  • Mild to medium roast, coffee beans can be any of these. However, for a darker roast, espresso beans are the ones to go for
  • Depending on what you prefer, coffee bean ground can be coarse or fine, whereas espresso uses very fine grounds
  • For espresso, you need either an Aeropress or a proper espresso machine, whereas for regular coffee beans you can use any other coffee machine or a french dip
  • Depending on the types of coffee beans and their grind, the taste and flavor can vary, whereas when it comes to espresso, it gives a full-bodied, less acidic, and rich tasting coffee

While the hunt for perfect coffee beans can be subjective to everyone, we personally love the dark roast whole beans offered by Starbucks.


Let’s have a look at the features of this product:

  • Whole beans: As discussed above, these coffee beans oxidize at a slower rate than pre-ground beans hence staying fresh for longer. Furthermore, whole beans are jam-packed with flavor and aroma!
  • The flavor notes in this coffee include caramelized sugar and molasses, the richness you love to taste at Starbucks!
  • Roast: The roast level of this Starbucks whole bean coffee is a dark roast. The prolonged roasting helps to bring out the oils (that you love!) to the surface, helping you make a full-bodied, robust tasting coffee
  • Caffeinated, because everyone needs that booster in the morning


  • The beans are easy to grind in a grinder despite their oiliness
  • The Starbucks espresso dark roast whole bean is deliciously strong and flavourful. If you’re someone who absolutely loves strong coffee, this is perfect for you!
  • The beans come in bigger bags and have good value for money
  • These beans smell extremely good while grinding
  • The aroma lasts long even after you’re done grinding
  • It has a slight caramel sweetness on top of the smoky espresso profile
  • They work great if you’re making espresso shots to make iced lattes or frappuccinos


  • You need to invest in a proper coffee grinder
  • The beans might be oily enough to clog some grinders
  • It can be a little overpowering for people who don’t like strong coffee but you can always add creamer to overcome it
  • It might have a lot of bean crumbles


It’s safe to say, most people agree that fresh coffee tastes the best, and using whole beans instead of pre-ground coffee beans makes a major difference. Even the best pre-ground coffee cannot beat a good quality freshly ground coffee.

When we look for the best coffee, we search for smoothness and the beans should not be under roasted nor charred. The Starbucks Espresso Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee is perfect for those who love strong coffee. The bitterness is desirable so that the coffee does not taste bland. It might not be ideal for those who want a lighter brew.

Starbucks, being one of the biggest coffeehouse chains in the world, truly delivers on its promise of providing the perfect strong coffee for the daily latte and cappuccino drinkers.

Having the perfect touch of caramel in addition to its dark roast makes it a versatile yet desirable take on flavor notes that somehow works great for obsessive coffee drinkers!.

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