What Is a Doppio?

If you’re an avid coffee drinker, then you have probably heard the term ‘doppio espresso’ or ‘espresso doppio’. Doppio is one of the most common forms of espresso, and while a lot of people consume it, many do not know what makes it stand out. So, what is a doppio?

What Is a Doppio?

A doppio is basically two shots of espresso, as opposed to one shot. It is made in the exact same way as espresso and is served in a larger quantity, thus making it an ideal option for people who are looking to have a drink that lasts longer .

Espresso comes in different forms that vary based on the simplest things, like the number of shots they include or the ratio of milk to coffee in them. Going forward, I shall cover everything you need to know about a doppio, including its history and how to make one for yourself from the comfort of your home.

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Where Does the Term ‘Doppio Espresso’ Come From?

The word ‘doppio’ is an Italian word that stands for ‘double’. So, doppio espresso simply stands for ‘double espresso’. It is interesting, however, that while this term originates from Italy, doppio espresso is not commonly drunk in the country because most Italians prefer a single shot of espresso to a double shot.

In many other countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, and France, the doppio is a very popular and widely loved form of espresso. In certain countries, in fact, a double shot is the standard serving for espresso, thus signifying that the doppio espresso is seen as the norm.

You should note that in some places, the doppio espresso may be called a double espresso instead. Whatever name you see on the menu, you can be sure that you would be getting pretty much the same thing as a single espresso, only twice as much.

How to Make a Doppio

If you already know how to make espresso, then you automatically know how to make a doppio espresso. If you do not, however, I shall provide you with a detailed explanation. First, I would start with the equipment and ingredients that you would be needing.

Once you have a complete list of the requirements above, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Making use of the coffee grinder, grind the coffee beans to a smooth, powdery form. While a single espresso would need about 0.3 ounces of coffee, a doppio espresso would need about 0.5-0.6 ounces. To make your grounds extra smooth, make sure to set your coffee grinder to its finest grind setting.
  2. Transfer the coffee grounds into a portafilter. When doing this, you could make the grounds heap over the rim of the portafilter, and then make use of a tamper to even it out. Make sure to press the tamper firmly until the grounds are fully compressed and even.
  3. Insert the portafilter into the machine and start your shot. This process should take only about 25 to 30 seconds and the end result should be a nice-flavored espresso with a foamy head. Since this is a doppio, you should be expecting to have about 2 ounces (instead of 1) of espresso at the end.
  4. With all the steps above completed, you can relax and enjoy your doppio espresso.
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Does a Doppio Have More Caffeine than an Espresso?

An espresso and a doppio are made in the exact same way and have the same coffee-to-water ratio, taste, flavor, and every other thing. However, there is a difference in their caffeine content, which is a result of the difference in their serving sizes.

Since it comes in a larger quantity than a single espresso, a doppio contains about 58-185 milligrams of caffeine (usually has about 150 milligrams), while a single espresso only has about 29-100 milligrams of caffeine content, (usually has about 75 milligrams).

What Is the Difference Between Doppio and Americano?

There are two main differences between a doppio and an americano:

  • The first is that after the shot of espresso has been extracted into a glass, an americano is usually topped with some hot water
  • The second difference is that an americano usually contains one shot of espresso, as compared to the double shot that a doppio contains

Due to these differences, the americano usually turns out to be a less concentrated version of espresso than a doppio.

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What Does a Doppio Taste Like?

A doppio espresso tastes exactly like an espresso. This taste would generally depend on the kind of coffee beans that you used and the smoothness of your grounds.


A doppio is simply a double shot of a regular espresso. It follows the same brewing process as espresso, however, it is served in a much larger container. A doppio espresso is a great option because it is easy to make, very enjoyable, and most importantly, much more satisfying than espresso because of the larger volume.