Why Doesn’t Cinnamon Dissolve?

Cinnamon is a common kitchen spice used in almost every kitchen. It has a sweet and fragrant aroma that adds an exotic flavor to your drinks. Unfortunately, no matter how much ground cinnamon you put into your coffee, it never seems to dissolve. So, why doesn’t cinnamon dissolve?

Why Doesn’t Cinnamon Dissolve?

Cinnamon doesn’t dissolve in water due to its molecular structure: Cinnamon is made up of tiny tree-back fibers that are great at soaking up liquids and are also not water-soluble. Putting cinnamon in water forms a clump at the bottom of your mug or glass.

A white mug filled with foamy coffee was placed on a wooden chopping board with coffee beans and cinnamon sticks

Cinnamon’s lack of solubility in water means it will not mix with other substances in your liquid (as desired). If you manage to get some ground cinnamon into the liquid, it will still settle on its own as sediments. This is because of cinnamon’s relative density compared with most other ingredients (usually less dense).

How to Make Cinnamon Dissolve

Many people have problems with cinnamon clumping together and not dissolving in water. If you’re facing this problem, you can try a few things to get the cinnamon to mix more easily in water.

Use a Two-Bottle System

This is one of the easiest ways to make cinnamon coffee. It’s also a good way to avoid sediment at the bottom of your cup. Put all of your ingredients into one bottle and shake well until dissolved.

Allow it to rest overnight before decanting it into another bottle, to retain the sludge behind.

Use Cinnamon Sticks for Your Drinks

Cinnamon sticks are much easier to use because they don’t clump together like ground cinnamon when wet. This allows them to mix easily with other ingredients and dissolve quickly into your drink without clumping together too much.

You can add a few cinnamon sticks to your ground coffee storage to add flavor. With time, the sticks infuse the coffee with a cinnamon flavor.

The coffee will lack a strong cinnamon flavor, though there will be a pleasant, subtle taste of cinnamon.

Combine Cinnamon With Honey or Your Favorite Syrup First

Add a teaspoon of honey or syrup to half a cinnamon teaspoon. Start with a little liquid and whisk the ingredients well into the beverage.

Doing this will prevent cinnamon clumps from forming in your drink. Continually stir in the rest of the liquid. Unfortunately, this method only works for those who enjoy sweetening drinks.

Add Cinnamon Powder to Your Cream First

Mix the cinnamon with the cream before adding it to the coffee for a delicious twist. This will prevent it from all floating to the top.

This works best with heavy creamers like half-and-half. This is because their higher fat content will bind with the cinnamon better than skim milk.

Use a French Press

A French press is a great way to make your cinnamon coffee. The bulk of the cinnamon gunk is caught in the mesh filter and is kept out of the coffee.

Using a fine mesh strainer with your French press is advisable to eliminate the little pieces of cinnamon.

A white mug and cinnamon sticks are placed on a white saucer beside a coffee beans

How to Mix Cinnamon in Milk

One of the easiest ways to dissolve cinnamon in milk is to make a milkshake. You can use any milk, though many recipes call for whole milk.

To mix cinnamon with milk, you will need the following:

  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar
  • Powdered coffee creamer
  • Powdered milk
  1. Put a small amount of the powdered coffee creamer into your cup.
  2. Add a small amount of sugar to your cup. The amount of sugar you add will depend on how sweet you like your cinnamon milk.
  3. Add a large pinch of ground cinnamon to your powdered creamer and sugar bowl.
  4. Ensure that the mixture is stored in an airtight container.
  5. Add hot water when serving!

Related Questions

How Long Should I Boil Cinnamon in Water?

The amount of time you boil your cinnamon depends on how much water you want and how strong of a cinnamon flavor you want in your homemade cinnamon oil. However, boiling times usually range from 30 minutes up to an hour.

Does Cinnamon Dissolve in Anything?

Cinnamon does not dissolve in anything. Even after grinding, cinnamon stick spice does not completely dissolve in fluids or mixtures.

Can I Soak Cinnamon in Water and Drink It?

You can soak cinnamon in water and drink it. You can harness cinnamon’s benefits by soaking the stick in water and sipping it regularly. Numerous health experts have endorsed the innumerable benefits of cinnamon-infused water.


Cinnamon doesn’t dissolve in water because its fibers soak up liquids and are not water-soluble. You can use a two-bottle system or dip cinnamon sticks into your drinks to make cinnamon dissolve. You can also mix it with honey or your favorite syrup before adding it to hot coffee.