What Happened to the Icoffee Website?

Icoffee.com has been offline for quite some time now. It looks abandoned, and some of the links don’t work. It was an excellent website with great content and coffee makers. Now comes the question of what happened to the Icoffee website and why it went offline.

What Happened to the Icoffee Website?

The Icoffee website went offline in January 2019. The website was a way for Icoffee to connect with customers and provide information about its products and services. If you visit the site, you will see it is unavailable. A “Sorry, this page does not exist” error message pops up when you try to access it.

Coffee beans inside a clear coffee mug are placed on a black saucer on a white surface

Icoffee.com, a popular website for the Icoffee Capsule Machine and Coffee Maker, has been offline for quite some time, leaving many customers wondering if they will ever receive their orders and if their money has been lost forever.

Icoffee posted a message about a new website going live in April of the same year. Though it seems like something went wrong with their plans, they decided to abandon their website altogether. The only way you can still get your hands on their coffee is through Amazon and eBay.

Possible Reasons for the Closure of the Icoffee Website

There’s been a lot of talk about ICoffee, the coffee kiosk company that was supposed to be taking over the world. It raised $12 million in venture capital and opened its first location in San Francisco. Then something happened: the company failed to deliver on its promises, and now it seems like it’s gone out of business.

Reason 1: Icoffee Is Coming up With a Newly Remodeled Brewer

In 2014, Bruce Burrows announced that he was working on a new design for his coffee maker. He claimed that it would be easier to use and more convenient. The new brewer comes with a new website design and a new logo. The current website will be replaced with this newly designed one.

Reason 2: Out-Of-Warranty Coffee Makers

Icoffee made its brand name by selling coffee makers guaranteed for life. However, the company later changed its policy so that all its new models would no longer come with lifetime warranties.

This led many customers to abandon their old models and buy new ones. The result was that sales declined rapidly as more and more customers stopped buying Bruce Burrows ICoffee machines.

Reason 3: Fake Products

ICoffee’s website sold coffee beans, machines, and accessories and had some of the best deals on the internet regarding coffee machines. They also had a lot of great deals on coffee beans and other accessories like grinders and filters for your machine.

The problem with their products was that they were not what they seemed to be. Some people thought they ordered high-quality products and got cheap knockoffs instead.

Therefore, most people just gave up on trying to order anything from ICoffee at all!

How Icoffee Handled the Icoffee Website Issue?

Although Icoffee is one of the largest online retailers, its website has been down for several months. This caused concern among customers and other businesses that rely on Icoffee for their business.

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Icoffee responded to this problem by:

  • Posting updates about the situation on their Facebook page and Twitter account.
  • They also updated their status page to let everyone know when they expected to have everything back up and running again.
  • The company also offered an email support system: This allowed customers to send in their questions and concerns. The email support system received thousands of customer emails, though the company was slow in responding to every single one as quickly as possible.
  • Icoffee also created a customer service hotline: Customers could call if they needed help with anything related to the downed website. This phone number was active for all hours of the day or night, 7 days a week.

Related Questions

Is the Icoffee Website Going to Be Back?

There is no sign that the Icoffee website is coming back anytime soon. There are rumors that Starbucks will relaunch Icoffee shortly with new features and a sleeker design. However, take these rumors with a grain of salt.

How Was the Icoffee Site?

The Icoffee site was easy to use and navigate. It had a clean, professional look and feel. The homepage was set up to encourage visitors to click on the buttons at the top of the page and find out more about their coffee machine range. The product pages were also easy to use and had all of the information needed for a customer to make an informed decision about which product would be best for them.


The Icoffee site is currently unavailable. It’s possible that the company has discontinued its business or is experiencing low sales from selling substandard products. As soon as their IT team became available, they updated their Facebook page, and Twitter accounts about the situation, although customers’ concerns have not been addressed.